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53 Complaints as of June 11, 2015
63 Complaints as of July 26, 2015
84 Complaints as of October 20, 2015
78 Complaints as of November 10, 2015
137 Complaints as of June 29, 2016
153 Complaints as of February 2, 2017

Office of Attorney General files civil action against Philadelphia-area businesses accused of failing to timely deliver cemetery memorials

Official Complaint Letter from Attorney General's Office

Purpose of this Site

This rather simple site is a brief account of my experience with the memorial stone company "LifeStone by Stefan" (known as CGS Memorials as of April 2015, "", and 1834 Memorials after that") from December 2014 until January of 2015 as posted on various review sites. In addition to my own personal review I've included a list of their satellite locations as originally indicated on their older webisite under locations.. I've also provided links to news articles about the company that detail other peoples experiences with them.

This site is provided as-is and is an expression of my own personal opinions and should be taken as that. No facts are claimed beyond what I can personally corroborate and the experiences of those whom I have linked to are their own. I invite everyone to form their own views and opinions based on any informatio they can gather either from this site or through other means.

If you've browsed here by mistake, the official website for LifeStone by Stefan and/or CGS Memorials can be found here

Collected News Stories

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  9. Grieving Mom Waits Months For Memorial Plaque To Arrive To Honor Baby Girl - Nov 28, 2012
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Yelp Review from January 2015

My family has been put through an unwarranted amount of stress while dealing with LifeStone by Stefan, and its many apparent subsidiaries. They are also so notorious in the business community that our funeral director warned us of them and their deceptive business practices. Specifically mailing very official looking invoices (they claim quotes) to families once an obituary has been posted. We managed to dodge that mis-leading tactic but fell for the next, namely their over one dozen physical locations that do not bear the name "LifeStone" at all.

Memorial style and shape was selected from a catalog using stock artwork, and it was paid in full on April 12, 2014. The stone itself being 2.0x4.0x0.4 feet in size and of a flush head mount style. At that point, the clock began ticking on its installation. The promised time frame was 24 to 28 weeks weather contingent; the contingency applying only to rain or snow cover obscuring the site.

The stone was installed today (January 13, 2015). To save you the work, that's 39 weeks or more than 11 weeks past the deadline. When my mother or I tried to contact them to ascertain the installation date, starting October 16th, we were fed a steady diet of lies and incorrect information. Since December 15th, we have been promised roughly a half-dozen dates before the actual delivery today. To add insult to injury, they would also no longer answer the phones after learning my and my family's caller ID information. This is evident in the 82 phone calls I've placed to their offices since December 29th -- only about a dozen of which resulted in me speaking with an employee. The more often I checked in the longer it took for them to answer the phone.

When I questioned directly, and in person, Greg Stefan as to the issues with the install. He would only comment that he did not know why it took so long. He further insinuated that "he wasn't sure that the stone wasn't custom", an insinuation which would allow him to wiggle into the 32 to 40 week installation window. [The paper work signed makes no indication of a custom job.]

In my opinion, this company is unscrupulous and people need to be readily aware of what happened so they can make informed decisions about their memorial company.

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